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Margarete Brunner AFIAP, EFIAP

Studio FIVE
Margarete Brunner
Gallery 15516 Photography

Margarete is a retired teacher and a self-taught photographer. Since 1980 she is devoted to photography. She made her reputation as a photographer in Germany, where she was a member of the Culture & Art Circle and subsequently president of her local Camera Club for 10 years. In photographic circles Margarete is well-known for her sensitive interpretation of landscapes and the painterly quality of her images. She had numerous successful exhibitions during her time in Germany.  In 1992 she won the Premier Minister of Baden-Württemberg’s special prize for her print in an exhibition at a Federal State Photographic Show.

In 1994 she moved to Canada where she became a member, und later served a term as President, of the Toronto Focal Forum - a group of peers, known as excellent print makers – and the Toronto Camera Club.  She was the first and so far only female member of the TCC to be honoured with a diamond pin in 2010 for achieving 150 awards. In 2011 she won first place in photography at the Art Aurora Show. She is also a member of the York Region Arts Council. Just recently she joined the Society of York Region Artists SOYRA and the Aurora Historical Society.

Apart from all this, Margarete competed very successfully in national and international salons and in 1993 she was granted an Artiste FIAP (AFIAP)  and in 1996 an ‘EFIAP’ by the “Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique”, standing for ‘Excellence’ in photography, und she was honoured by the DVF Deutscher Verband für Fotografie (German Federation for Photography) with a bronze Retina in 1996.

Her husband Ralph is her inspiration and mentor, and the two together had numerous print  exhibitions in galleries, libraries, city halls, banks, etc. and they sold and donated a great number of prints to the Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, where they are on display. A number of their photographs are published in books, magazines and calendars.  

In 2005 Margarete and Ralph opened their own Gallery for Fine photographic Art in Aurora where they exhibit and sell their work.
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