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Sat. Nov. 24th & Sun. Nov. 25th
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Dianne Hughes

Studio TWO
Guest Artist
Memberships: SOYRA, Willowdale Group of Artists, Heliconian Club, Toronto Guild of Stitchery,Ontario Arts Council, North York Arts Council, Visual Arts Ontario
Dianne exhibits acrylic, watercolour ,fibrework and collage art pieces. Educational background: York University, Fine Arts; Sheridan College, Banff School of Fine Arts and has attended many wonderful workshops with fine teachers.
Dianne has taughtat the North York YMCA, at her studio workshop in Aurora..

Gallery  Showings  &   Exhibits:
  • Aurora Artists Studio Tour, Art show, Aurora 2017, 2013 Georgina Art Centre and Gallery, Sutton, 2016
  • Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, 2015 , 2014 Kerry's Place, Aurora, 2014
  • Aurora Town Hall, Aurora, SOYRA
  • Barristers' Lounge, Court House, Newmarket, SOYRA East Gwillimbury Civic Centre, SOYRA
  • Sharon Temple, Sharon, SOYRA IntexDzgan, North York, 2013
  • Art of the Matter, Aurora
  • Eye on Art, North York Arts Council
  • • McDowell Gallery, Toronto. Grange Gallery, Toronto. Ontario Craftsman, Toronto.
  • Custom House Gallery, Victoria, BC
  • -- Whittman Gallery, Toronto.
  • School of Architecture, Iowa State University, Iowa, USA National Ballet of Canada, O'Keefe Centre, Toronto.
  • Canadian Opera Company, O’Keefe Centre, Toronto. St. Lawrence Centre, Toronto.
  • Toronto Dominion Centre, Toronto.
  • Office of the Ombudsman, Ontario Government office, Toronto. Heliconian Club, Toronto.
  • « Heinzman House, Thornhill Group of Artists
  • North York Education Administration Centre, North York. Canada Permanent, York Mills.
  • Seven Seas, Eaton Centre
  • Anson Taylor Junior School and Community Centre, Scarborough

On creativity: I’ve always been fascinated by Nature, our living world. Plants, trees, stars, aurora borealis, streams, birds and animals have filled me with wonder as has ancient symbols found through the ages in aicheological and anthropological sites.
As a child I was drawn to sketch and paint, later sew, weave, and create a variety of hangings. Mystery, inner vision and discovery that is the expression of our inner essence or spirit has led me to a number of different interpretive series, one being celebration and dance based on the sub-Saharan cave paintings. Tbis series was presented in a juried show by the Canadian National Ballet with their theme “ The Art of the Dance.” Participation in juried shows for the Ballet and Canadian Opera Company has been a pleasure.
Many of my pieces are ‘poetic interpretations’ whether landscapes, or soundscapes. .pieces with lyrical flowing lines or visual ‘music’. Music plays a vital role in my life, I’ve taugbt piano and theory for 40 years and now am composing pieces as well as writing children’s books. A 13’ silk painting “Music of the Spheres” was accepted in a juried show for the School of Architecture , Iowa State University. Part of the challenge to design was a limitation of the work to a few ounces; I was one of 3 Canadians chosen for this international show.
Other juried shows included ongoing for La Cloche, celebrating the north landscapes and Manitoulin Island and one for the Federal Department of Forestry, with the theme of Reforestation, which showed at a Museum in Sault Ste. Marie.
Media I create in: watercolour, acrylic, silk painting, mixed media and fibre pieces. I teach within these media: silk painting, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media collage. For children I work with painting, papier mache, collage, mobiles.
I have an Hons. BA in Fine Arts from York University, training through workshops held at Sheridan College, Banff School of Fine Arts, The Toronto Guild of Stitcheiy, York Heritage Quilters, Willowdale group of Artists, Society of York Region Artists (SOYRA)

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Dianne Hughes

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